I know we've talked about office chairs before. What's everyone's current rec?

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I know we've talked about office chairs before. What's everyone's current rec? 8cf34e287bfa9880.png

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I have a Herman Miller Sayl currently, but it's getting a bit long in the tooth.

Looking at the Herman Miller Aeron. Doesn't seem it's been beaten as top chair, anyone else?

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i’m in the same boat, i have an aeron chair that is old an in need of repair. it’s a great chair, but mine’s not so great anymore

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I just found out that HM has a 12yr warranty. So that may be helpful?

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my chair is probably 20 years old at this point

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Agreed on the Aeron front. Been using one for years and am so glad I invested.

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I have the HM Mirra 2. I just replaced it with a Steelcase Leap. I strongly, strongly recommend you find somewhere like a dealer or shop that you can try out any of these chairs. I used the Mirra2 in an office and at home (longer story) but it is spectacularly awful for me. It causes flare ups in my shoulder and arm and neck w/in about 45 minutes at this point, after using it for awhile. To be clear, this is a great chair, but just not for me.

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The Leap is much better for me but I’m also a human giraffe and at 6'4/195 American Cheeseburgers and mostly legs, it’s difficult for me to find a chair that moves high enough and has a base that slides out enough to get the seat where it needs to be relation to my knees. I’ll probably have to get the ‘task base’, but If I’ll share what I advised my company and after years of buying a lot of these for fit outs etc.

🪑Top ones to look for (not particularly in order) :
• HM Aeron
• Steelcase Leap
• Steelcase Gesture
• HM Mirra 2
• HM Sayl*
• HM Cosm*
• HM Embody
• Haworth… something or another
But above all else, don’t listen to much more than that, you really should try to find somewhere to test it.

📏 You probably can’t go wrong with an Aeron (there’s a reason it’s the king) but make sure you get the right size of Aeron and read their measurements, as it comes in S/M/L/XL. Also the cushion depth and padding is important.

💪 Also, find a model with lumbar and movable/adjustable arms.

That is an option on many of these, and you’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes being able to adjust the arm rests, tilt, angle, etc.

🎮 Avoid “Gaming” chairs. You don’t want to work in a racing-style chair all day long, and the bracing will fatigue your legs and back far faster. You’re don’t need to worry about g-forces when you’re SSH’ing into something.

☝Above all else, the most important lesson is: don’t be cheap, and buy from somewhere with a return policy or at-home-trial.

Ergonomic chairs are expensive, and they hold their value. It’ll be the “cheapest $1500 you’ll ever spend” if you think about how much a physio/therapist/chiro/RMI therapy will cost you over a year or more.

😎 …but also don’t be a sucker. There are tons of second-hand office furniture sellers and they’re currently well stocked. You can likely get it for 40-60+% off, and often the “fully equipped models”. Look around, espeically on FB/Craigslist/Gumtree/etc.

These folks go into companies (likely banks etc.) who are downsizing, moving etc. and bulk buy all their furniture, then resell it. If the list price is $1200, you can very often find it resell, gently used in a bank or office for a year or three, for $650.

This has been my ted talk on where to park your butt, AMA.

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